Rana Nawas is a published writer, corporate warrior and sought-after speaker on a mission to inspire women of all backgrounds to shine.

Born in England to a Palestinian father and Lebanese mother, Rana grew up like many Western-educated Arabs facing the dichotomy of liberal and traditional values.

Rana’s education at Oxford University and Harvard Business School gave her a strong foundation to solve problems and negotiate effectively, but nothing could have prepared her for the harsh reality that women face as they rise through the corporate world. Dealing with everything from unconcious bias to archaic processes, she eventually realized the game was rigged.

Over her 17-year corporate career Rana has led the charge in rewriting policies, championing pay parity, and helping women rise in their professional and personal lives.

Today she’s a senior vice president at GE Capital, a wife and mother of two, and chapter president of Ellevate, a global organization that brings professional women together.

Rana has been featured in the press, on TV and on radio. She has spoken in front of diverse audiences on a variety of topics, and has been labelled a “thought-provoking”, “fact-driven” and “inspiring” speaker. Rana has recently launched the When Women Win Podcast which brings to female professionals everywhere tools and strategies that boss ladies from all walks of life have used along their journey.

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